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Thread: Moving to Atlanta in September (ATL Natives Help Me Out!)

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    imma roll with a 22lr if anything. More quiet than larger rounds, can get in close without having to worry about much spray back, etc
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    you sound scared what you so nervous for lol i have never seen someone so scared of the enviroment there thinkin of moving to have you even been to atlanta?

    "hey young guys how does it feel to know that the old heads used to get paid racks for tracks to pay for them expensive boards when you guys are pushing your clicky beats on soundclick for weed/snack money? just curious, no hate."

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    I couldn't resist:

    But seriously, the Atl (which we called it when I lived there) ain't no diff from any other "urban" American city.
    Be smart, go about yo business, and you'll be cool. Don't over think it.

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    Man I go to school at GA State right in Atlanta, use to ride MARTA all the time, sometimes late....I never saw anything extraordinary except a bum peeing on the seats, thats about it

    I will say this tho, at school they always send out alerts whenever students get robbed or threatened by some dumbass, happens a few times a month but mostly to kids that walk around with their phones and ipads all in the open, just keep your shit outta site and you'll be fine

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    just move there, be yourself.. find a good place, make yoursef comfortable so when the next fool move in you wont be the new fool no more.. sounds so easy right? i lived all over america even japan JUST DO IT, dont worry so much and really tho GOOD LUCK.. my Detroit homie said he was living in the A and said it can be crazy just like the D. (just like anywhere else) but dont worry.. its good you got time and your asking questions!

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    PS.. Im not from Atlanta so I dont know if you want my opinion acroding to your thread title.

    but i think you will be ok. just truely be yourself and nothing else. im trying to give you positive vibes.

    I have only drivin thru and made stops in the city. it was cool, you could tell your surroundings just be cool, be yourself, nothing to it. Traffic was the second worse i have exspirecned second to Chicago.
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    Listen, Atlanta is fine. Crime is everywhere, ya not even gonna think about it, if ya busy following ya goals. You will meet a lot of like minded people tryna reach the same goals you are. Just be smart, like you would anywhere. 9 out of 10 times crime happens to people who are up to no good, and don't use their brain. Maybe the problem ya having is you don't really wanna leave home, you gotta just do it, and rip the band aid off, or you will regret it. But, don't think as Atlanta as ya only option, unless you really wanna go, music/audio schools are everywhere.
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    I don't live there now but I was born and have visited there enough to know Dusted Vinyl hit it on the head. Regardless of color, if you're looking for trouble you're going to find it in any city. Contrary to the internet, this isn't all of Atlanta lol...turn the youtube videos off

    It sounds like you need to visit the city for a longer period of time and get a better grasp of what you're moving to. This is true for any city:

    Don't walk downtown alone regardless of how bad ass you feel
    Don't buy drugs from people you don't know
    Don't hang out with people who have less to lose than you.
    Do make friends with your neighbors(school should help you out with this one)
    Check-in with your fam/peoples at home on a regular basis but not too much that you're not living in the new place so if something DOES happen, they'll know its weird you haven't called...

    9/10 if you're minding your business and don't ACT LIKE YOU'RE SCARED you won't create situations that end badly. The fact that you're paranoid enough to want a piece, reminds me of the Trayvon Martin situation.

    As a 6'3" dude who's lived in the South all my life I'm more afraid of a short, scared white dude with a gun who's about to make things akward as I pass him by the ATM to my car than a fat drunk redneck who's yelling the N-word from across the parking lot. Atleast one you know to avoid/ignore, while the first is unaware what they're capable of.
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    Go head lil bro n move to the A and pursue your dream. I would def. say you should get your own transportation especially if you're gonna be hitting the studios. It can get a little crazy down town so I would suggest moving somewhere like Marrietta or Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is out a little bit but it's not as fast as the downtown area and it's cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABound View Post
    I thought Decatur was a good area? And yeah, I mean I just wanna be able to get to SAE easily, and also to all the studios in the area so I can drop by all the time asking for internships/dropping off beat CDs. I don't think Im gonna have a car. My mom wants to give me hers to take down there, but I dont wanna do that to her and plan on using Marta/my feet lol
    DOWNTOWN Decatur

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