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Thread: Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z - Suit and Tie

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    Your earhole..
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    We're listening with producer ears.

    I don't care for it much either, but I know a nice video will make this song big. Hoping they'll clean up alot of the mix before it's commercially released as well. If they get those kicks and underlying subs thumping right, this is a club hit.
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    Yea this ish might be that early, beginning of the night club song....I was underwhelmed listening on headphones but it'll have to undergo the Drunk Monk test. I hated SexyBack but I put up with it after awhile...I still skip it if its part of a playlist.

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    This is the "leaking the leaks" stuff. The good stuff is coming in March (real single).
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    Justin Timberlake Countdown

    It's not originally my thing melodically..(it denotes "peace", I prefer the dancing oldschool funk melodies) But I understand the vision to go back to something quite musical. I take it as an intro..
    Several musical influences in there..

    I was not expecting something very good.. so I am happy that it is quite musical and can see the use of this track. It's a good track.. Maybe not an exciting one, but it is good music.
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    I heard the song on the radio at about 5 and my only quarrel with the track is why jay... Personally, i think t.i. Would've killed it... It's dope but it would've been doper with a different feature.

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    It's underwhelming. I had high hopes for his comeback song. Yea the song will blow up after a video and radio spins but that doesn't change the fact that the song is bad.

    I hope his new album delivers but judging from this, it's safe to say, Timberlake, Timbaland and Jay have fallen off.

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    Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie f. Jay-Z (prod. Timbaland) | 2dopeboyz

    It's there niggaz.

    I dont like how the beat slows down during Jay's part. keep it up and funky.
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    I'll tell you right now, this song is going to be big, I remember the first time I hear Stronger I felt underwhelmed. First impressions mean nothing, haha the first time I heard Kendrick Lamar I was underwhelmed.

    This song is just good listening, maybe it won't reach number 1, maybe it won't get 100 million views but it's going to have its place.

    50 Million Views, #5 on Top 40 is my prediction. His second single will go number 1 haha.

    It's mad catchy, second listen I really like it.

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    I like how they melded disco and Texas screw lol...the slow part in the beginning kind of took the power away from Jay-Zs section....interested to see how the DJs flip this(probably chop out the intro). The mid-20s chicks gonna be dropping it like they 18 again to this lol.

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