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Thread: Jeezy call Truce with Rick Ross.... What you think?

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    Jeezy call Truce with Rick Ross.... What you think?

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    Anyone see Jeezy on Sway? Jeezy should just let the whole thing go. He's always half ass calling a truce on the thing then semi dissing Ross. Get in or forget it.

    Im noticing a lot of rappers are dissing each other subliminally now. Common with all those disses to soft rappers, then saying its not about any specific rapper. Everyone's doing this shit.

    That beef shit is old as ****...some mid 90s shit. Its corny. Its even cornier to do a half ass diss then retracting.

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    The other thing I didn't get was Jeezy said the whole beef started from an edited video clip from worldstarhiphop. What video is he talking about?

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    He's realizing Ross is bigger than him now and he probably want's to do a collaboration in order to get paid. Ross can't be touched right now musically

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    No, I just think they are starting to realize there is nothing to gain from their beef financially. No one cares.
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    Beefs nearly gone extinct in hip hop anyway.. New generation of rappers which you could argue are alot softer than the big artists in the 90s

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    watch these niggas have a song together on both their albums.

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    The video you're referring to is of Jeezy walking through the streets of Miami during his feud with Gucci years ago saying that whoever wants beef should come see him right nowwhich was cut and labelled to be last year and thus about Ross

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    i think is good for the game! although i would love to see them battle

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