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Thread: HipHop-Songs with hard ROCK GUITARZ!!!

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    Kinda been done to death at this point:

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    oh yes, a REAL classic!!!! first time i heard the beat, i that "ok, i expected more from the first rubin beat since the 80s." but the geat grew so much. now, he is one of my favorites!

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    This song might not be what your looking for, but it's got an electric guitar in it haha. It's a good song as well. - Quality beats at an affordable price. Make your next hit today.

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    We're gonna skate to one song and one song only!!!!

    380p doesn't do it justice!!!!!
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    I'm actually producing a song right now with a rock sample.. i wanna say its the shit and it compares with waynes "So Soft" almost on the same level, but i dunno how yall would except that.. guess i need links to prove it? fuk it i dont have any links so neh'mind. ima have to post it though, i love the dudes who just came over and said "You didnt make that, its a sample" so fuklin what, it sound fukin hot as a hip hop track CTFUUUUUU

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    Remixed by me: The beat is sample driven, but added live guitars on top, even ended it with a guitar solo.

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    Damn nobody mentioned this song?!?!?


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    guitar in Tech N9ne's track is dope!

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    Here is a BIG WTF! How the hell you guys gonna leave off classics like...
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    Thank God for someone posting Tech .... I've been a Technician for about 12 years ... definitely way ahead of his time.

    Check out Riot Maker ... one of his better tracks with heavily distorted guitars... and Skatterman & Snug Brim killed their verses.
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