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Thread: 808's Please die

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    sppspp says: I never use 808s. I dislike them greatly.
    skerrick says: WHY?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AG Beats View Post
    @deranged man the clipping/crushing Im hearing in this 'industry' music lately has been BLOWING my mind....its like god dont hear that? lmfao
    Absolutely. lol.
    Two things that annoy me are people who are positive out of ignorance, and people who are negative out of bitterness. People who are neither usually get along with me and agree with most of what I say. People who are one of the 2 think I'm the other.

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    actually its been around way way way longer than 06 bruh get ya google game up, and if you hate it so much create your own style and get big off it

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyng View Post
    this is the 133,000th thread on this subject. 808's were around since the 80's you getting rid of 808s would be like trying to get rid of boom-bap rhythms.

    You guys that make these threads act like radio and television are the only ways to listen to music. There are plenty of artists who don't use 808's and pitched snares in their music. Stop being lazy and find them.
    Please end this this thread.

    I was thinking the same thing man. People make post like they're some out of the box person who will enlighten the world without knowing with they're talking about. Do your research and come correct. Oh, and it is hard as hell to not make a boom- bap beat too lol.
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