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Thread: What do you really know about africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by 61Key View Post
    At my old job, we hired a dude straight from Africa. He spoke alittle english.. My boss was so stupid, he asked the guy "HEY, Have you ever been chased by a tiger?"
    The guy turned his head and Replyed "No Muda Fooka, Have Yu?"

    All I could do was laugh though, you had to be there type shit, that shit was hillarious!
    Wait there are Tigers in Africa now? Always thought they lived in Asia lol

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    I don't consider myself African. I don't even like being called African-American because that entails that I should know something about Africa but I do not. I haven't taken the time to trace my family roots and to be honest I don't know much about my family tree outside of the people whom I have known locally all of my life. I have family all over the country but never met or spoken to most of them.
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    And that's normal lol
    You are not African. Hell, I was born in France, and just because of that, even if I went back to Chad, I would be and feel mostly out of place even though 95% of my direct family live there. I have a French and Chadian passport though. I eat Chadian food, understand the language and all that.

    That's why this thread got derailed in my opinion. It should not be about getting back to your "roots" but what do you really know about Africa... without involving the past in it too much.
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    African Countries - Level Three - Online Learning

    So I just did this drag the country onto the map of Africa things and I got 11 wrong.

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    Ahh semantics... I just went through this thread 1-10..

    What's the point of this anyways?

    We are all made of stardust, and this is our planet.. right?

    *EDIT* We belong to it.. it doesn't belong to us.. get it straight myaaah.
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    lol this thread is kinda funny though

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    I don't care I'm white. Only would be interested if Croatians really came form Ethiopia and how we are related to them if we are.

    I don't care



    for nothin

    so bored today

    mega bored

    I'm done

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    Really? The African americans who want to connect to Africa know a lot about Africa actually. They learn beyond what is taught in a school book, and study also the Arabs of Africa. I think all people of African descent should know about places like Egypt, Ethiopia, and where ever they come from modern day. Most people have a misconception that all Africans look like Bantu people, Egyptians were Arab and the only way to dig up black egypt is to look to Nubian, and that some how everyone is African.

    Africans get a rough rep topped over with a lot of white wash and brainwashing. A deadly combination, but if you study history and look at American history, Afrocentric, Eurocentric, Psychology, history, and many topics you can see the truth.

    One misconception is that Nubians are the only black egyptians ever to be native there. False. The other day famous historian and egyptologist Zahi Hawass released information saying Ramses the 3rd was black as in Bantu black. This is only a surprise to the brainwashed and misguided, but that is another subject. Also if you look at the history of locks which people think are from Jamacia they come from Keyna, Mali, and Egypt. Also there are hieroglyphs with afros and skin color that resemble that of modern day BLACK egyptians. this is fact that they still live there and speak more than arabic. Arabic is also known to have not been in egypt until the 6th century. Also seeing as it is that close to Saudi it would have been easy to see the extermination of Egyptians that went on even without history.

    Ethiopia is the place all Africans come from. I know people especially white people and people from Africa like to say "we are all Africans", but that is a lie. Recently they said Neanderthals still exist and came from Europe. As this is no surprise to someone who has looked outside of a school system or even common news to get information. It is even seen in the way they describe a neanderthal to a homosapien. Claiming the Homosapien was much more spiritual, musical, and a farmer. this is seen in not only modern day Africa, but also mongloids the environment. Today African Americans do what? They make music, Dance, Worship Christianity which was in Africa and Asia BEFORE EUROPE, and they are connected to the earth. This is not me blasting europeans, but It is easy for them to tell the mainstream we are all Africans that way when a white person gets into it with any brown person and they say you are being prejudice that white person can say you're pulling the race card or we are all african.

    Third know where you come from because yes all black people originate from ethiopia just like all middle eastern people originate from babylon, but we have a modern ancestor. As an American even if you are black you should know what all americans should know and realize we aren't just africans. Some of us are Natives and most of us are European. The division in America is black and white. It is a cleaver system set up for people to think we are us and they are them even though us and them was assigned to you by the victor. That victor is not on your or their side, but his own.

    In the end it is documented in Asian and African history simple things like Yeshua is dark skinned or Jesus if you still are unaware that is a derivative of zues. It is documented by the egyptians they themselves are black even if they are not all Bantu. We should wake up and not realize right away we are the world that won't solve it yet. That will override important problems, we should realize ourselves and educated and then realize we are human. That will never happen and most wll never believe or even care for truth so it is what it is.

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