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Thread: School Shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foggy View Post
    Well for home defence , I still have my American Akita .
    He's big enough and nasty enough to take care of a couple of intruders .
    Anything other than that , well I am in UK and guns are illegal , but an intruder may accidentally touch one of my electronic projects and get a very high voltage shock (over 50,000 volts) .
    It is illegal to own a stun gun in UK , bu there's nothing illegal about an electronics engineer having high voltage projects at home !
    Creative! HAHAHAHA

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    messed up kid....probably had a hard life

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    Quote Originally Posted by deRaNged 4 Phuk'dup View Post
    ^^^As said, that means it was my time.

    The probability of someone coming in my home with the intensions to harm my household are close to none. If I get to that breifcase and open it load my weapon and it misfires, it was meant to be. My wife would be on the phone with 911 by then, and if I don't get the drop on the intruder and he's armed a misfire won't matter. Never said I didn't have anything else in the house either.

    Not sure about you, I put things in place so I don't end up killing someone over nothing. I can see myself doing so before I can see a direct threat to my fam doing the same. May sound like dumb reasoning, but that keeps me sleeping better than easy access to a weapon I'm too familiar with. In my old age I've learned the less I play with guns the better. I start doing stupid stuff. I have past experience with both methods of keeping weapons. Prefer having to work hard to get to one and crossing my fingers if I need it.

    The fact I even put my biz up here should let you know it's my least of worries, lol. But all you've made me want to do is go in the backyard and squeeze off a few rounds. That's how I used to check em. Wrong neighborhood for that though, lol.
    That's actually a pretty mature view of gun control. Keeps you from shooting someone out of anger or getting shot by someone because your gun is so easy to reach

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    Quote Originally Posted by KelevraOne View Post
    That's actually a pretty mature view of gun control.
    Did you hear that Deranged , he's calling you an old fart there
    Phunk him up !
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