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Thread: My guide to making a FREE VIP Soundclick Layout!!!

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    My guide to making a FREE VIP Soundclick Layout!!!

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    I recently made a soundclick account, upgraded to VIP, and designed it myself. You can check it out here:

    The design isn't that great, but I figured out how to make a decent looking VIP layout easily. I thought I'd share this info for free.

    What you need

    -My stock files (see the download below)
    -At least basic photoshop designing skills
    -A VIP soundclick account

    How to do it

    Note: Before I start with the tutorial, I have to give credits to THIS GUY:

    for giving out the CSS code. Without it, the layout would be nothing. So if this helped you, go ahead put a nice comment on his youtube vid or something.

    Download the stock files

    Inside are these files:

    -Content_Guide.psd This gives you an overlay of the main content image of your website. It tells you where to put certain features (logo, contact info, etc) and where certain soundclick features (paypal button, embedded player, etc) will be

    -Background_guide.psd This is an overlay/guide image to help design your background

    -Content_example.png This is the content image for some dudes website. DO NOT ACTUALLY USE THIS ON YOUR SITE IT'S NOT EVEN MY SH*T

    -Background_example.jpg This is the background image for my soundclick page. You might have seen this pic used on a bunch of people's soundclicks. Again, DO NOT ACTUALLY USE THIS ON YOUR SITE

    -CSS_Code.txt This is the most important file. It's the CSS code you'll have to use to position every element properly.

    All of these files will be explained later on...

    2. Design your site

    This is the hard part. First of all, open up the Cotent_guide.psd file. Basically, make your design how ever you want. Only thing you have to do is to make sure you follow the layout. For example, where there's a box with text that says "LOGO" that's where your logo has to go. Where it says "EMBEDDED PLAYER" that's where the embedded player will show up so make sure no important info is in that spot or anything. Open up content_example.png to get an idea of how it should look. Notice how the background to the png (if opened in photoshop) is transparent. Make SURE when you export your design, that there is no background (ie. all you see is the designs and a white/grey checkered background). Also, make sure to export as a PNG file. Don't ask why, just do it.

    Now, design the background. That is background_guide.psd Again, check the example to see what it should be like. Mine is just a solid black color with some text on the sides. Make sure there's not too much going on in the middle of this picture (the BLUE area). This should be exported as a JPG file, but it doesn't really matter.

    OK, done? Good, that was the hard part. Moving on...

    3. Upload the images to the internet.

    Pretty simple. I use Make sure to save the URL's of the images.

    4. Set up soundclick properly

    Ok, log into soundclick. Go to the VIP page section of your band administration. Goto page layout and make sure that it looks like this:

    5. Insert the CSS code

    Goto the page design area on your band administration page. Once there, click the CSS (advanced) tab. Now, just copy everything from the CSS_Code.txt file and paste it in there.

    6. Paypal button

    Goto and log in. The email you log in with is the one that people's money will goto. Click on merchant services. Click on "Buy now button". Follow the steps. For example, my settings were as follows:

    Button type: Buy now

    Item name: Instrumental lease

    Item ID: Blank

    Price: $20 or whatever

    Customize button: Tick the "text field" option

    Name of text field: "Name of desired instrumental"

    Shipping: $0

    Tax: $0

    Merchant acc. ID: Use my current e-mail address

    Hit create button. You'll see a text box with some HTML code. Copy it to clipboard. Back to soundclick band administration. Goto edit page (not the vip section, the other one). Click on the interviews tab. In the very first text box, just type in the HTML code you got.

    7. Donate to me!

    Nah, just playin. But you're finally done. If you have problems, post below.

    Download the stock files:
    , and like this.
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    does it work? anybody know?

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    I made my soundclick with that exact method. The design isn't finished yet so it doesn't look perfect but it's gettin there.
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    dude this is amazing. Thank you soooooooooooo much. I'm going to quote this on the getting started forum.
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    thanks i will try soon ..

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    Worked for me! Thx!

    Hey thx it worked for me but you missed something at #5:
    Edit the css!
    You have to replace the .jpg and the .png URL's in the css file with your picture URL's!
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    Oh thanks for the heads ups Beatz Apollon forgot to add that step:

    After pasting the CSS code, find the JPG background file (use ctrl+f if you need to) and replace it with the URL of your background. I used to upload but you can use whatever.

    Like this:

    Now it should work.
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    Thanks for sharing. I have GIMP and need to spend some time learning it.

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    Good lookin out! This is on point so far. I keep chipping away at it, trying to perfect the placement of everything. Each time I work on it and hit preview, it looks more crisp. Only thing I need to find out is how to put my video box into the area under the production list area. Kinda how the content example was laid out.

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