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Thread: Have you ever sexually propositioned a girl-by using your beats and studio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackBlack View Post
    Why are you asking me if I feel good about myself? You are the one sitting here typing out shit like, "Yeah I can handle you all night big daddy!". Lol, I mean seriously, what the **** did you make this thread for? If anything, YOU are the one trying to make yourself feel better, do you think someone was going to say, "HEY THANKS MAN!!! I totally needed that advice on how to get laid!!!!", "OMGZ!!! I never would of thought to try and impress a ***** by buying her drinks, cooking her dinner, letting her **** with my stuff, and inviting her over to my crib! Nah man, buying pussy is for *******!"

    Hahahaha chump, you're buying the ***** already with your time and money, what an idiot...
    I understand your points and appreciate the points raised. The situation is now very complex. I believe you to be the type to want to e battle with your responses.

    You play modern warefare. Ill fuk up up there. It's the closest thing we re gonna get to a fight.
    Stuck In the Game 2012. Free Album for Download.

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    LMFAO...This thread is pure gold
    and like this.

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    ******* that fall for this has sucked up every dude on they block and yours
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    Hahaha! On the real, maybe your text is a little to swagged out and way to playaristic, but as said earlier, women tend to fall for artistic talents, such as musicans. So to invite a girl over for a quick listen "before it hits the street", might not be so bad of a choice. Ask a "meaningless girl" for a opinion on a major project could be the tipping point.

    Me myself never did it as i tend to get musical advise from other musicans, and not mixing up girls and snares. I mean, you say you play a game, but you really cant layer a snare on top of a girl, she would be all like bla bla bla, anoying for the acustics and shit..

    On another note.. You should never base a relationship on your props as an artist. That aint real.. and not meant to last
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    there aint nothin wrong with ****ing a hoe, UNLESS you paying for it.

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    well my bedroom is my studio for now sometimes i purposefully leave out a microphone or my computer opened to FL just so they can ask me about it and i go from there

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    this is hilarious

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    Quote Originally Posted by skillz View Post
    Not everyone pays for ho's my dude. Pussy is Free if you know how to work it. Trust+Rapport+common ground. It's a game. Sex is not the idea. The game is.
    Pussy is never free El Capitan.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by omegared22 View Post
    Pussy is never free El Capitan.....
    Im not into prostitution, but its almost cheaper than doing it the "legit" way.

    Dating, going out to movies is way to expensive. Plus, girls in bars othen just flirt to get free drinks, and when you finally make you move to get a number or ask her for you two to go a place to be alone, thas when they bail!!!!!

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    lmfao...this thread is comedy. im glad i seen this. whats even funnier is how serious this thread is lol.

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