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Thread: What does a rock producers do?

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    music is just music. its all made in many different ways.

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    ^^^^ Yep, a producer is a producer.

    Check out "Mutt" Lange, probably one of the most famous and versatile producers ever.....

    cheers, niteshift

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    i love lange! would love to be produced by him one day! Now to just earn the money to pay his fees!

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    i think producers are hierd by the lable to produce them an album by a certain date, for a price or royalties of the track, its there job to book studio, hire enginers, session players, organize dates and so on.

    diffrent producers have diffrent approchs, so some are ex-musiancs who help with creation of music and/or mixing, while others jus stand back an motaviate people.

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    some of the best producers do multiple genre's, let the artist remain into there own styling and add or touch up when needed...listen 2 Rick Rubin's production on early def jam and his System of A Down recording...listen 2 Dangermouses Gnarls Barkley, then Beck and The Black Keys albums from 2008...good things 2 listen 2 styles from producers from multiple genres..and a producer and an engineer are 2 diffferent things and are in every genre/studio

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    Produce is an art.
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    Yeah i heard when Red Hot Chili Peppers are recording an album, Rick Rubin sits on a couch surrounded by pillows and cushions and just listens to everything, with the occasional "turn that up" or "cut that bit out". Not too bad a job considering how much he gets paid...

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    helps them write and arrage songs, can boss the band around if that's what they want

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    yo best way to find something out

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    I've just started to try to produce some of my own material with a rock sound and it's really just trial and error.

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