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Thread: Is rock dead???

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    Def is not dead. it still has a stong fan base, much bigger then hip hops fan base
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    what about tokio hotel?
    Or isn't that rock?
    (never heard a song of them, just seen pictures of them)

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    all popular music culture is dead

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    As far as i know rock is said to be dead in AMERICA

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    more rock albums are bought compared to rap albumss... hip hop takes over ituness

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    At this point in time I venture to state that no form of music actually dies completely. That being said...

    ... America has issues. Period.
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    If rock and metal were truly dead, there wouldn't be a thread on a forum asking whether or not it is. The new bands just aren't getting top 40 hits (for the most part) and the rest care enough about having their own sound not to try and break into the top 40 (which tends to be the deathblow to many artists in all genres, with some exceptions)
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    rock is far from dead... this week IN THIS MOMENT cracked the top 40 on the billboard charts... HELLYEAH crcked the top ten with stampede and KORN 3 debuts at # 2.. not to mention OZZYs scream cd is 15 or something .. then you look at the summer concert schedule, RUSH are playing arenas on the time machine tour, avengened sevenfold and disturbed are about to sell out every arena in the U.S. KORN also as well as Megadeth,Anthrax and Slayer all have arena tours in the U.S this summer and fall ...where are the hip hop tours????? rock / metal is as strong as sales are down but that's with all genres.... if any genre is dying its hip hop .. these hip hop acts need to come with something new cuz for the last 3 years or so its been the same recycles beats the same recycled lyrics... the only thing keeping hip hop afloat is the pop artists. the well is running dry
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    Just because most rock doesn't make it on a chart don't make rock dead.The media controls what's "big."Take for instance american idol,I Think that's one of the main reasons that country is where it is now.MTV mostly shows nothing but rap/hip-hop/pop.Give it some time rock will make it's the main "rock" band ive been listening to is Five finger death punch.A decent band but,They do have a touch of metal.That's if you like metal.

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