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Thread: Nirvana

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    The thing is that their songs are built up very easily, easy chords, easy melodies ect. but they are SO FCKN HARD to copy them because you need muscles of steel to hit that drums as hard as Dave Grohl did, hypermechanic fingers to play bass like Novoselic and COBAINS VOICE ... pure diaphragm use! Screaming and singing at the same time is so hard.
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    ^^^A good grade of coke will give you all those superhuman powers, lol.

    Joking, but not really, I actually agree with your statement, I just don't think it was done on purpose, but that thing I often talk about up here...they captured a certain "magic" in their recordings. My only gripe with the credit they're given is how many others do the same but haven't been immortalized.

    I say the same of the Beatles. In no way am I saying these guys are not awesome...i just don't think they're gods among mortals.
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    Nirvana songs are simple songs, but brilliant songs. There music was real, emotional and just brilliant...

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    R.I.P Kurt Cobain

    Still admire his works to this very day.

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    I think they were/are so admired because Kurt died. When a great artist dies there music becomes immortal, making them even greater. Sht happens all the time; Kurt, Tupac, Emily Dickinson, Big, Da Vinci. Doesn't matter what kind of art.

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