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Thread: Nirvana

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolcechica View Post
    My all time fav nirvana song is "The man who sold the world"

    Never makes me think anything else about them.
    the original by David Bowie is much better...

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    Another thing to touch on - what Nevermind did was blow people away. Not so much for the songwriting but for the production of the album. The guitar tones are AMAZING. The bass and drums have a whole new sound that wasn't heard at the time. It's been the framework for a lot of heavy albums since. This was the first time that really heavy music sounded GREAT from an engineering standpoint.
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    in utero is their finest. it kicks everyone in the face.

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    no...kidding...nirvana was good...but not great.....the great bands dont die out...look at megadeth.......i think nirvana was just another pop band that took the hormonal deppressed teens by storm...haha

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    I don't think it's right to say Nirvana died out. They stopped because Kurt killed himself, but even today the number of teenagers full of angst put on their Nirvana hoodies and grow their hair. They left a lasting legacy in all of music, and Dave Grohl is still going strong. Would he be half as popular as he is today without Kurt and Kris?

    I agree with Bungtoad in that In Utero was their best album musically and with RyanFields with Nevermind being a master class in engineering.

    For me, Nirvana have inspired so many current musicians to become what they are. Including myself. so for this reason they are right up there in the top bands of all time.

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    "nevermind" is a great album, the rest is borderline unlistenable IMO. i have no respect for people who commit suicide either.
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    I have mixed opinions on it. I love Nirvana and while a lot of their stuff is awesome, I do think that they are overrated in some areas. In my opinion, any band is overrated when you have people that haven't even heard the music say they are awesome...and that has happened to me with Nirvana.

    They have great music and awesome lyrics, but I think they got even bigger after Kurt died...which itself leads to a little bit of hype.

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    they were great for their time. still are great tho. nobody was doing it like they were back when they came out.

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    Nirvana 4ever!

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    I like nirvana very much, I think they are not overrated, they made the right music at the right time and you have to say Kurt Cobain was a very talented and intelligent musician.

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    I think Kobain's early departure immortalized them. I never heard "genius" in their music. I heard great f**king grunge from a young and talented group. I heard genius in the engineering(whoever mixed those records...I should know, but don't...was AMAZING).

    But I don't hear anything in their music that is "lacking" from other great rock groups from NIN to Fuel to AFI to System of a Down to...hell, even No Doubt. I never felt they "raised the bar" so to say with MUSIC. The aura around the music...absolutely, definetly.

    And I'm not some kid who just heard the album yesterday. I saw "smells like teen spirit" debut on MTV and was mindf**ked by how awesome it was. My point is I was just as stoked the first time I heard "Chop Suey" by System, "Hemorrage" by Fuel or "Judith" by perfect Circle. Hell, even the 1st time I heard "Misery..." by Paramore.
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