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Thread: Joy Division

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    Fan of Joy Division here. When I was whoring out Unknown Pleasures, I was pretty much an emo kid who thought he was Ian Curtis. - Find out who isn't following you back on Soundcloud.

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    Its not for me but I can definetly see people liking this sort of music. Its just not for me

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    Wow.. funny thing, I was just going through my old New Order stuff the other day.

    I don't listen to much of today's music, so I can't really help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellflores1 View Post
    Hello everyone! So, Joy Division. Before I start, I'm going to STRONGLY suggest you all listen to them. The music is great, original and extremely influential.
    But, the reason I started this thread is because I'm finding it difficult to find bands similar to Joy Division. I find that no other Post-Punk band sounds like them. So, if anyone could help me out, it would be appreciated!
    i have unknown pleasures, substance, and closer... i even have some warsaw singles somewhere collecting dust...

    for similar stuff maybe check out really old ultravox (like circa 1977)

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    Joy division are the leaders of the post punk movement. Check out the film " 24/7 party people " in order to understand why they were important and what era did they come in.
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    She lost controolll!

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    they seem to be the one band that no matter what..NEVER becomes uncool to like

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    Joy Division was important in the sense that they redefined relationships between instruments within a rock band format. The guitar was pulled back to be more even with the bass and drums. Their bass ( Peter Hook) played his bass an octave higher than what was the norm at the time, giving it more of a lead instrument position. The drums were more mathematical and precise like a drum machine and the guitar in some space between rhythm and lead. This may sound all "meh" now..but in 1979, this was quite you have a huge number of artist ranging from U2 to NIN name checking JD as a crucial influence.

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    The Ian Curtis biopic "Control" is good as well.

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