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Thread: Tired Of Yall dissin "Mumble Rap"

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    Tired Of Yall dissin "Mumble Rap"

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    I mean dammit man.......whosedIwalevahbadenboogi......

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    I'll take words I can understand without having to be under the influence. This new non-style is not going to be honored at any point in time and I state this as someone who doesn't negate the fact that every era had garbage.
    "Once black music leaves its original context, it begins to take on different meanings and serve different functions, and it is interpreted very differently." Portia Maultsby

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    ya, I agree with OGbama. Somebody like 2pac is still the legend, and will be forever, because we can understand his message. These new clowns can't even speak. It's the new drugs, ...they're making everybody sound, and act, like retards.

    and ya bama, but usually the garbage doesn't get any attention. For some reason, we've flipped upside down and are giving idiots attention. lol, it'll get back to normal soon...
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    It's a balance. I particularly don't care for it but on the flip, there are plenty of artists who you CAN understand, and they garbage too. It's a argument that can go on for days. I'd like to think I'm nice wit it but, there may be some cats who'll say otherwise. Everyone has reasoning for liking or not liking someone. Nowadays, the reason the game seems twisted imo, is because it's more focused on the beats.. This is why mumble rap exists. Todays fan doesn't care about lyrics.

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    I think it has a lane, I just don't think it should be put under the umbrella with the wu-tang's of the world. I think its ok for Hip-Hop/rap to have sub-genres and they have always existed whether they were acknowledged or not. Mumble rap is just a sub-genre some enjoy and some don't. Personally I don't care to look out for it but sometimes I do enjoy songs classified as mumble rap however that is mainly usually do with the beat (shout out all the producers and mixing engineers).

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    It's all just perspective nothing more.
    The same way you don't relate to it is the same way others do relate to it.

    We have always had stuff people didn't like that others were embracing, a good example would be Puffy and Mase.
    A lot of people didn't care for his direct sample lifts and flash suits while others thought it was the greatest thing ever.

    As long as mumble continues to deliver beats that strippers can shake to, cars can bang to or that people can get their drug on to it will be around.

    Wanna know what's worst than mumble?
    Old rappers still trying to be in the game.

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