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Thread: Selling beats online.....just some thoughts

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    $442.39 so far this month, 12 days left to go. With the exception of buying some of the finest music equipment and software money can buy, I'm a very thrifty person, and can stretch that money pretty far. Plus I have a day job.

    Salem Beats

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    Lil B is no dumby. He does troll the rap game, but I just said him as a name people would recognize. Every local rapper loves my beats, Ive been on my local radio, plenty of artists feel my shit but they just dont wanna pay lol. I mean you can sit n think oh thats just another dude with wack ass beats talkin shit but trust me i got some bangers lol

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    i aint sayin its impossible or tryna discourage anyone, But it is a little tougher than a lot of people would make it seem.

    Postman is a great dude, and he puts out valuable info that is probably worth what he charges, but if youre doing this for ANY REASON other than because you'd rather DIE than not do it, you probably wont be successfull
    There's a reason there's an entire profession dedicated solely to selling things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JehfreeBeats View Post

    Well, heres the thing. There is always going to be people who "Steal" product. But at the same time, there are still thousands of people that are out there still willing to purchase product. So your logic is kind of poitnless to me.
    So true, and this doesn't just apply to beats...even songs/albums that get leaked on torrent sites n stuff..doesn't stop artists from selling music, same applies to software, movies, games and various other things...that's just the world we live in, you can't let that stop you
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    please can you post on the area recommended for recommendations? Good beats anyways

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    selling beats online may work for some producers/beatmakers... prefer in person.

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