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Thread: hip hop mixing and ttblism questions

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    hey what up y'all.
    i've been readin on these boards for some time now, and i thought i'd like to get involved in da community. i got respectz for anyone/artist thatz reppin the true essence of hip hop. y'all know who they are. i just started spinnin and i juss want a few tips on how to mix hip hop...

    i dont want to play with the pitch to much rite?, lyrics come in fast on the next channel, am i matching snare? etc.. i've heard some djs kind of use the lyrics to an advantage.... kind of hard to explain but they kind of time it properly and it sounds dope. im kind of lost when i start practicin, im juss tryin to match up beats...

    any advice would be apreciated yo

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    the only advice i can give u is to spend a lot of time in a rec shop and listen to any **** u can,thinking how it could match togheter.really there is no special tricks,only good and bad taste.



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