Rapper - Yo man that beat on yo soundcloud's fresh as ****! I wanna use it for my mixtape.

Producer - Cool man, I'll give it to you for a lease price.

Rapper - OH CMON NIGGA ILL SHOUT YOU OUT. Fine, how much?

Producer - $1 lease! It's a special this month!

Rapper - $1? ONE WHOLE DOLLAR? Well, I gotta get my pay check, and yeah after that I'll *jumps out the window on the 7th floor of a bulding*."

Producer - Damn, I was gonna make a sale but he committed suicide because it had a lower cost *Scratches fourth notch (llll)* That's the fourth one this week! Zip 'em up!

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Check this out - Pretty Young Thang (Good Girl) ft. HODGETWINS (LOLbeatz) - YouTube

The above is a joke, so seriously, take it as such.