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Thread: Thanks Guys!

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    Thanks Guys!

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    My name's Felix from Central WA. I wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to all the participants. You all are turning me on to some really hot stuff!

    ....hadn't heard of Alchemist or JDilla! HOT stuff! Members are putting out strong tracks, too.

    I just upgraded to FLStudio after using dabbling with Orion Pro 3.1 for the last seven years...I feel spoiled; so many instruments and all the instruments are so capable! Too much fun.

    I like making sounds, gotta budge tower and a set of Bose HP's for creation and a few hundred cherry picked vinyls. Suits me, 'til I get this new DAW down. Homeschool.

    Thanks again, I'm gonna keep lurking 'til I learn more.

    P.S 2200 some odd on, w/ 2000 guests? You all need to register!
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