Most of the REAL "hackers" are either working for corporations or the military/agencies like the NSA/CIA/FBI or are "freelancers" from organizations like the former KGB and other intelligence agencies, who end up working for either their governments/other governments or..........................crime syndicates.

Or ask Google who the real "hackers" are. They know.

Lets be real here for a second; we are talking about people with academic degrees, who take care of their lawn, before doing more in a day than terrorists can achieve in a year, not some hippie's kids, who fight for free Tibet and Palestinian independence. lol

And no, your 15 year old friend at school isn't hacking Google or has access to supercomputers. These people do and have.

Anonymous? I think they are a PR-agency for "the problems of the world".
They want to be the "good conscious" of mankind or something.
I am not against it or for it. I simply do not care.

Build a f**king decentral SMS-Peer-to-Peer-distribution system for the African farmer or student. That might change the world and help people.
I don't give a flying f**k about Sony not wanting to put Linux on PS3s.

Hack the Vatican Bank's accounts and show me the TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS that they launder for the American-Italian mafia and invest less time in making fun of the Scientology retards.

Speaking of Scientology; does anybody at Anonymous know why Scientology was granted religion-status after threatening the US government? Well, that was a "real-world social hacking" coupe deluxe. Let me alone with voice filters and making silly masks that remind us of a religious terrorist. lol