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Thread: Music Production; Tips, Mastering, EQing, Vsts

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    Music Production; Tips, Mastering, EQing, Vsts

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    Hello I am fairly new to this website. I am getting discouraged and I kinda screwed myself in quitting vocational school for audio engineering, I do not know why I did but I was clueless as a teen, and I wanted to learn how to make Dance Music and get my foot in the door and produce. the school was not was I was looking for but now I regret it because it was the essentials to what I need now. I need help in how I can properly master a track I sorta have the basics down but if anyone could guide me from a producer perspective and dumb it down so I can understand the material I would so appreciate it ! I just want to make good music, I can produce Tech-House, Progressive, etc... also what are hot vsts to use to make my own individual sounds and sound 'organic' I use nexus, ni: massive, z3ta+2, and ableton instruments. Thank You hopefully someone could reach out to me. Good Day!

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    dance music production has a great tutorial on mixing and mastering...should give it a shot...i own it and it is a great DVD and very helpful in learning on how to properly mix and master a track...

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