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Thread: RjD2 is any of this stuff real?????????

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    O..................I never knew that
    then why do you like music?
    how do fans relate to the artist?
    how can people relate to songs?
    why put so much time into something that you dont plan for anyone to understand?
    why do artists say themselves that they want people to listen to their lyrics?
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    Quote Originally Posted by urphonesux View Post
    O..................I never knew that
    Sounds like you're convinced you can 'feel' the artist.`

    Quote Originally Posted by urphonesux View Post
    then why do you like music?
    There's a constant supply of endless amount of ways to enjoy music.

    Quote Originally Posted by urphonesux View Post
    how do fans relate to the artist?
    Through any means possible, should they require to.

    Quote Originally Posted by urphonesux View Post
    how can people relate to songs?
    Infinite ways.

    Quote Originally Posted by urphonesux View Post
    why put so much time into something that you dont plan for anyone to understand?
    It's called poetry.

    Quote Originally Posted by urphonesux View Post
    why do artists say themselves that they want people to listen to their lyrics?
    Not all of them say that specifically.

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    honestly i try to feel the artist i think that is what allows me to broaden my musical tastes overall

    earlier eminem was brought up even though I never said his name lets look at his latest video

    at the end of the 3rd verse when eminem starts being bothered by his reflection, he starts rapping about exorcising demons and how they are doing jumping jacks now.
    His vices are doing jumping jacks?
    His lyrics seem pretty straight forward in this song this is exactly what he says there

    There’s a game called circle and I don’t know how
    I’m way too up to back down
    But I think I’m still tryna figure this crap out
    Thought I had it mapped out but I guess I didn’t
    This ****ing black cloud’s still follow’s me around
    But it’s time to exercise these demons
    These mother****ers are doing jumping jacks now!

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    My interpretation, that' some black comedy - the demons are doing exercise/being exorcised. Not sure what you're suggesting he's saying?

    I don't understand how you have come to this post, you seem to be just going on and on without any comprehension.

    Grabbing onto a reflection of a character is not going to broaden your musical taste.Try listening to some music with no lyrics or in a different language.

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    Urphonesux, imma be real short with you. ALOT o that IS real, and this website is BARELY the place to spread knowledge, as you can see. Take the questions to your peoples locally... PM guys like me too, I love discussing this type o stuff.
    "And you never ONCE paid for drugs! NOT ONCE!"

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    This shit really reminds me of the Avatar parody on South Park, "Dancing with smurfs"

    No you're not, you're trying to convey an opinion which is beyond stupid. Seriously.... It's straight up retarded...
    And I've watched these youtube preachers, probably the same vids that you watched, that made you cream from all the conspiracy goodness.

    "Look at this" *zooming in to a torch or something* "This is an old free mason symbol of the devil, and the fiery birth of the antichrist"

    If you and your frightning amount of likeminded sheep had any sense of sourcecritic or whatever this is where you should be thinking:
    "Who is this dude, and why does he seem to be knowing something noone else does?"
    "If free masons, illuminati, and all that jazz are so secret, how come this dude seems to know all their symbols? And yet, noone else does? Where is this secret book of free mason symbols?????"

    But I get it, it's much easier to believe in a worldwide conspiracy that includes all experts in any area connected.
    Just chew on that for a while, ALL of them... ALL OF THEM!

    Mystic stuff just happens to get people interested, that's why they put it in their videos. It's also why millions of nerds are playing d&d.
    It's also why David Blaine's got a ****ing following these days. It's also why people enjoy videogames like world of warcraft. It's also why people like fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings. The list goes on.

    *rant finished*
    Keep an eye on youtube for my next video, it's on how Taylor Swift is taking over the world

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    okay, here's my opinion, I would like to say to anyone plannig to insult my intellegence, you dont know me. I dont short myself on the fact that i'm a great observer.
    I would like to start my rant by saying, I beleive there's something about Illuminati going on, skull and bones and what not, im not sure what, could be nothing but for self benefit.
    But there's too much evidence that the masons are nothing more than a brotherhood, I've read actual masonry ritual books.
    It's hard to understand, but the society does hide something.
    I don't beleive they hide anything evil though. theyre just a brotherhood, i plan on joining now that im 18.
    I strongly beleive that the government uses techniques to dumb people down and keep them ignorant, such as poverty, media, and police force.
    the people who would be outraged by the government are the people who are too focused on trying to survive to pay attention to what theyre doing.
    They push the most ignorant music down our throats to ensure that we're not learning anything, just like the schools that wont teach us anything but what the government approves, ensuring that we never see what historical tyrrants are, because they know we would see a pettern in the behavior of our own policies.
    The police have no restrictions, first hand ive seen what they do to people who have nothing. but the police are brainwashed by years of American life into thinking theyre doing justice to this world.
    Seriously, it's a crazy world out there, truth is no longer there for people who want it.
    and so I say all this without imposing it, please dont think that.
    I just think that any opinion could be the truth, its just not gona help you to figure it out. so all these conspiracies, just forget it.
    sure its nice to share opinions, but dont spend too much time on this crap...

    Either A: It's all true andthere's not a damn thing we can do about it
    or B: It's not true and we're all just paranoid
    "This sh** is like what ya might put on movie food"- DOOM

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    about the eminem quote, that seems like a fairly common experience of people "opening their third eye" or some other nonsense and having a revelation where they see two versions of themselves and they both seem to have their own identity, its a very mystical type of pseudo science to me, i guess its a big thing in eastern religion and stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by urphonesux View Post
    i really hope it is and want it to be horseshitvbut do you remember the devil pie song by dangelo?
    i dont remember ever hearing that ending before
    whats a lie? and he's not gonna go out like what?
    heres the video and lyrics

    YouTube- D'Angelo - Devil's Pie

    **** the slice, we want the pie
    why ask why till we fry
    watch us all stand in line
    for a slice of the devils pie
    drugs and thugs, women and wine
    three or four at a time
    watch them stand all in line
    for a slice of the devils pie

    who am i to justify
    all the evil in our eye
    when i myself feel the high
    from all that i despise
    behind the jail or in the grave
    i have to lay in this bed i made
    if i die b4 i wake
    hope the lord dont hesitate
    2 get 2 heaven done been through hell
    tell my peeps all is well
    all them fools whos souls 4 sale
    sitting next to the jezebel

    demons screamin in my ear
    all my anger all my fear
    if i holla let them hear
    in this spinning sphere


    main ingredients to this dish
    goes like this
    heres the list
    materialistic, greed and lust, jealousy, envious
    bread and dough, chedda cheese, flash and stash, cash and cream
    temperatures at a high degree
    wheres niggaz come to feast
    hells this all about
    apocolypse aint no doubt

    everbody's ho'ing out all the loot, all the clout
    right or wrong
    do or die
    only the vengance will pacify
    watch your back and so will i
    in these days and time


    aint no justice
    just us
    ashes to ashes
    dust to dust
    time has come for most of us
    2 choose in which god we trust
    i know i was born to die
    searching to find
    piece of mind
    with eighty five dumb and blind
    there can be no compromise

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    im not trying to beat you with it but you do have real industry experience so it just would make sense to ask you
    are you trying to ask if other artists make entire songs, albums, rather than simple verses about the human condition? because if so, the answer is yes, i dont have time to list all the artists, poets, musicians, writers, and philosophers that have done, and will continue to express these types of views, as well as the ones about evil presences and masonic geometry, fibonacci sequences, hexagonal numbers, golden ratios and perfect pyramids and triangles, but i would suggest starting with egyptain mythology and work your way forwards, a lot of modern musicians are interested in this too, like boards of canada, radiohead (check out pyramid song), tool (lateralus is especially great), autechre if you like ridiculously chaotic electronic beats, aphex twin etc... oh and a lot of crackpots will use these theories to force some ridiculous theories about conspiracies down peoples throats, which just like any other piece of knowledge, can and always is bent by those with their own objectives, hell i may have even bent some of that information that i dont know a whole lot about in a way that i dont even know i did to project my goals with hah
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