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Thread: RjD2 is any of this stuff real?????????

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    RjD2 is any of this stuff real?????????

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    or do they just do this kind of stuff to get publicity?

    If so why do it that way?

    this stuff:

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    sorry, that link makes absolutely no sense to me.....or is this a thread where i need to research another thread to understand what the thread is about? sorry....over my head here....

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    is there a evil presence in this world that is making itself more and more apparent these days?

    or do videos and song lyrics just hint at that to sell records?

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    for example listen to this new reflection eternal song and tell me what you think

    i just heard it in the car and it sounds to me like this "girl" can do anything you need if you do anything she needs

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    "evil presence"? in a word? no. with all due respect, this sounds like horseshit to me.

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    i really hope it is and want it to be horseshitvbut do you remember the devil pie song by dangelo?
    i dont remember ever hearing that ending before
    whats a lie? and he's not gonna go out like what?
    heres the video and lyrics

    YouTube- D'Angelo - Devil's Pie

    **** the slice, we want the pie
    why ask why till we fry
    watch us all stand in line
    for a slice of the devils pie
    drugs and thugs, women and wine
    three or four at a time
    watch them stand all in line
    for a slice of the devils pie

    who am i to justify
    all the evil in our eye
    when i myself feel the high
    from all that i despise
    behind the jail or in the grave
    i have to lay in this bed i made
    if i die b4 i wake
    hope the lord dont hesitate
    2 get 2 heaven done been through hell
    tell my peeps all is well
    all them fools whos souls 4 sale
    sitting next to the jezebel

    demons screamin in my ear
    all my anger all my fear
    if i holla let them hear
    in this spinning sphere


    main ingredients to this dish
    goes like this
    heres the list
    materialistic, greed and lust, jealousy, envious
    bread and dough, chedda cheese, flash and stash, cash and cream
    temperatures at a high degree
    wheres niggaz come to feast
    hells this all about
    apocolypse aint no doubt

    everbody's ho'ing out all the loot, all the clout
    right or wrong
    do or die
    only the vengance will pacify
    watch your back and so will i
    in these days and time


    aint no justice
    just us
    ashes to ashes
    dust to dust
    time has come for most of us
    2 choose in which god we trust
    i know i was born to die
    searching to find
    piece of mind
    with eighty five dumb and blind
    there can be no compromise

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    im not trying to beat you with it but you do have real industry experience so it just would make sense to ask you

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    I have no idea what is going on here. The point of this section and RjD2 donating his time to educate the up coming producers is being completely overrun with these idiotic questions. ( no offense intended to original poster ) I don't mean to sound like an *******, but ask some real questions and stop wasting this mans time. Seriously people this is a man that can give you some honest answers and advice from a real musician who's been in the game for a long time now. I remember listening to Madlib's station a while back on Slacker. A song came on and I remember bugging out and being like holy shit, I gotta know the artist that made that. Sure enough it was Rj and at the time I had no idea who he was. I don't mean to rant, but I feel frustrated seeing this opportunity being treated like this. Much respect to Rj and I think I speak for everyone with respect for music on this forum when I say that we are really happy to see someone donate their time to a place like this.

    To this question, looks like some more conspiracy bullsh** just like usual. You really think Eminem is a satanic war shipper and slim shady really stands for his possessed demon side? No!
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    ^Agreed. Why is all this conspiracy and Illuminati crap so closely knit with Hip-Hop anyway? That's a big reason to why I stay away from the general forums... all these people thinking they know everything from watching a few youtube videos and believing that the governments of the entire world is plotting against them... get out of here. This thread is not only ridiculous, but completely misplaced.
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    Looks like a case of schizophrenic paranoia to me. LOL

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    Not a problem didnt mean to offend anyone.

    Never meant to come across like i know some kind of big secret, if you look at all of my posts on that subject you will see that i am only copy/pasting what the artist is saying in their songs.
    I am posting the videos that they are releasing.

    I am giving no opinion on the matter.
    I am only asking 1 simple question. Could the lyrics that any of YOU write be misinterpreted in any way as to look like you are involved in anything like that?

    would you be attached to a video or message that could even in the slightest way be considered occult?

    Even method man calls the hip hop public unintelligent for missing the messages

    What messages?
    That cash rules everything around me?
    I knew that. Didnt you?

    skip to 4:47 to listen to method call us less than smart if you cant spare 11 mins to watch this!

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    You have no clue what the artist is "saying." That's the whole point.

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