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Thread: Promoting yourself via the internet?

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    Promoting yourself via the internet?

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    Do you think brute-forcing people to listen to your music by just sending as must bulletin posts, blog posts, comments, e-mails etc is a good way to go about getting exposure.

    I feel as if it can be a demise of an artist, everytime I see something like this I just ignore it and tend to block the person who done it, this is why I left MySpace. but once In a while I'll have a look on their profile and see how many plays they've got and generally it's a lot.

    What ways do you think are best for promoting yourself on the internet?
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    I have little clue to getting exposure, but I do agree with that when people send out mass bulletins, fill your myspace page with promotional filth, use automated friend requests etc etc it seems counter productive because I also get fed up with it & block, as do many people I assume, so I am interested in the response to this.
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    man, i am the last guy to ask. sorry. im not very good at this. i have been dragged into internet "marketing" kicking and screaming. seriously, i came of age at a time when it was still make an album, reviews/pieces in hard print magazines,etc, so i am the last guy to ask. i would look at guys you admire, and see how hard they market themselves online. sorry for the vague answer, but its the truth, i dont know shit about it!!!

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    thanks though!

    Also Youtube might be a good thing to get your music heard.
    Only post your best beats or tracks or remixes.

    (don't mean to Hijack this thread)
    ehm.... When your sending out beats to artist what's the best way to send it
    just a snippet meaning, intro-verse-chorus-fade out or a full beat

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    Try and somehow make a deeper connection than "hey listen to my music" with the people you want to hear your stuff..

    If you go to my channel on youtube.. which is /beatsbybeth2

    I have 1 upload on there of me singing a little Mariah Carey.. if you're interested - check it out. lol ;]

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    I find it hard to promote myself as a producer. So many people produce, why would they listen to me rather than anyone else?
    I'm an amatuer!
    But I make remixes, I'm friends with rappers with many subscribers and produce for them. People type an artists name that I have remixed into YouTube...I come up.

    Thats all I can think of right now without forcing it upon people.
    However, my YouTube is dranner123 if you wanna check it out.


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