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Thread: I need to sell a beat that I own the copyrights to

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    But if there's a chance to get paid for something he loves doing why not take it? People shouldn't feel afraid to make money off there music if there putting the time and effort into making it. Not saying you should look for the money first but why not just go for it? Make beats, have fun doing it and try make some doe off it too

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    Excuse my late pass (haven't been on in a while)

    I think the point is to put out as much as you can (like RJ said) but at the same time while you working on different projects you have people coming at you that you dont feel fit for it (or you) thats when money comes in hand to me. I sell beats because if they want it they will pay. Just like MadLib said 'Yo can i get a beat for free? Thats like a dope man giving out his stash for no fee'

    I dont mess with contracts though, simply because i dont need to. I dont clear samples, simply because it would be an honor for someone to recognize my music enough to sue me lol..
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    Copy write your track and lease them to everyone that need a track for $20 to $50. This way you get some money in front end but your stuff is going to be heard all over. Only give your rights if there is major company that wants it for some real cake


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