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Thread: Getting tight drums

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    Getting tight drums

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    Your drums are so tight they just move gracefully throughout the track and hit perfectly... How can I practice my drum programming? What did you practice?

    "If the the drums hit too hard it will take the mellowness vibe [out of] the whole track and make it stupid sounding. I know that may not make a lot of sense to today's producers aka fans with clout, but louder and harder isn't always the way to go." -Marol

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    I hate to answer before the man lol, but all it really takes is what u already mentioned, practice.... the more u make beats the better youll be and the more accurate and creative your drums will come out.... be creative, try new things.. listen to the drums in different songs, understand their grooves and study where they hit.. study their velocities and find out what works for you... test your creativity with your equipment.. if you use a step sequencer itl be alot easier to really break down the math of exactly when the drums hit and the time signatures...

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    what he said ^.
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    id also like to add turn off the quantize. so many people rely on it that they dont really trust their own timing. quantize is supposed to help you not be a crutch

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