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Thread: Film some beat making videos

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    It better not rain today! Im coming to Centennial to see that show tonight!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crownme king View Post
    I THINK this guy is a hoax this aint really r2j whateva if he does make a beat making video i want him to say the date and time to clarify the authenticity other wise this is a fake and whom ever made this poor idea up to attract more visitors is really not cool at all - if this is you ,prove me wrong other wise your a foney .

    Always some ignorant ass stumbling onto the scene to f**k shit up for everybody else.
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    yeah i knew he was a fake and all enuff said

    I liked attraction stunt wow' a first outburst from r jf4 whatever you are .I didnt come to build any enemies i just being optimistic bout the situation but i guess you are not resonable man. Just to scratch the surface why dont you film your gigs when YA get a chance ' I know if i had gigs an people wanted to see me i would invite and film whatever on my i phone it aint that hard . shamm thats what you are if you have any questions feel free to get a real pro .
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    Ok, back to topic. Discuss whether he's real or not with yourself somewhere else.
    I'd love to see you get down in the lab, nothing gives me more inspiration than seeing other artists creating.

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