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Thread: Establishing Yourself without MC's

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    Establishing Yourself without MC's

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    Whats up RJ,

    I've been interested in electronic music and its fusion with hip hop. Most of my beats I create with the intention of never really having an MC over the instrumental. I also have been giving away my dance tracks via the internet to DJ's and fans just to get my name out there.

    How did you first market yourself as a producer?

    I am finding one of the only ways to market myself as an instrumental electronic artist is to DJ, something I have yet to try. Any advice on other tactics?

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    i think dj-ing is still probably the best way to do that. i got lucky; i got a record deal. i'd push towards djs, as well as labels. i guess? dunno, its a different world now than when i came up!

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    If you learn aspects of djing you can book clubs and setup events around your own music.
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