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Thread: Drums - whats best - programmed or breaks?

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    Drums - whats best - programmed or breaks?

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    Your drums seem to be a mixture of cut up breaks or programmed kicks snares and hihats from breaks. Is that right? Everyone knows the basic hip hop breaks used, but yours seem to be pretty much unknown. With the exception of steppenwolf and bernard purdie none of them are obvious...

    Will you ever run out of dope breaks or drums to sample? Is your collection endless?

    PS - Do you know the drum break used on this track, cos no-one seems to know anywhere...

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    yes, you are right. most of what i do is dissected breaks from records. it gets harder to find great breaks, but improving your technique opens you up to breaks that other people couldnt use. ALOT of the drums i've used were things that were open drums, but wierd time signatures and such; then i chopped em up and completely changed the feel.

    no, not endless.

    those drums dont sound familiar, but there's 9 zillion breaks out there that i dont know by heart.

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    RJ, could I expand.

    Do you try to take every hit as it comes, as single shots or do you sometimes sample doubles, triplets, flams and so on?

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