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Thread: Starting A Record Label ? . . . Article

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    "that's dope dope dope dope like a whole choir on crack" - ProVerb (South African hip hop artist)

    thanks a lot man. i been wondering for a while now n this definitely clears up a lot.


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    Great article my friend wants to start a record label so im goin to have to show this to him

    Peace and Respect
    Reppin fo da 509

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    good post! thanks

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    Appreciate the truth. It is Marketing 101. R&D has to be done.

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    Yes, we need more informative posts like this one on FP. You have inspired me to started posting again. i'm going to put something together.
    "after silence, that which comes closest to expressing the unexpressable, is music"

    Alduous Huxley

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    Nice post bro

    I live is Sacramento and Tower Records is no more out here I use to sell my mixtapes in the local section they had but Im glad to see Im not the only underground artist thinking this way because I run a label with my buddy and it's a lot of work even tho I did do my research I think it's a forever going learning process. The music industry changes so much each year venues that were doing alot for locals always shut down or move so you have to stay on that like crazy if you want to do shows .
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    Perfect Post - Because the age group of hip hop/rap up and comers gets younger ever year...this information will always be helpful. I'm working on something similar to this, when I get it done I will let others know about it. Great Post!

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    this is so informative thx

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    very nice post
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    Thats One Hell Of A Post !!!!!

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