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Thread: nonexclusive beats?

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    Really good original post, though I wasn't aware that "non exclusive" beats could even be used on official albums, I thought they were strictly mixtape/promo shit.

    I wouldn't mind selling them but if I was a rapper I'd never consider them, might as well just jack a beat for free if you don't care that it's already been used

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    In the beginning

    Quote Originally Posted by dvyce View Post
    Nonexclusive beats.

    Who really wants them?

    Do you hear the same exact beat being used on more than one big song?

    What do you think they are worth?

    A song is what defines an artists identity. No "real" artist will use the same backing music for a song on his album which has already been on someone elses album.

    An artist and record company wants a song to be so distinctive that you know what it is from the first second you hear it on the radio... they do not want you to have to listen to half of the song before you figure out which of the 10 songs that use that same beat this one is.

    What is a "nonexclusive" beat? a beat that is not "your own"... it is a "beat" that you very well may hear the next day on someone elses album.

    Hmmmm... does that sound like something with a different name?

    It is no different than a "sample CD"

    A sample CD is full of beats that you license nonexclusively.

    You can get 1000 "beats" on a sample CD for $30.

    That means you are paying 3 cents per "beat" when you buy a sample CD.

    That means that the going rate for a "nonexclusive" beat is around 3 cents.

    People here complain about other producers here devaluing the worth of a "producers" product by charging low prices.

    If you sell a "nonexclusive" beat for $1, that seems like a lot of money for something I can get for 3 cents off of a sample CD.

    Nobody selling "exclusive" beats should be worried about someone selling "nonexclusive" beats. "Nonexclusive" is a totally different market. If you are trying to sell your "beats" with the intent of making it to a "real" album, you will have to be in an "exclusive" market.

    If you want to be "valued" as a producer, you should not worry about what price other people are selling their "beats" for...

    If you want to be "valued" as a producer, you should worry about making excellent music and conducting yourself in a professional manner.

    Remember, the fancy fine dining restaurant that sells a steak for $85 does not care about the truckstop selling a steak (plus 2 side dishes) for $3.

    ...just something to think about
    I can definitely understand where you are coming from...especially with the steak line.

    However, I do have to challenge this to an extent. If the truckstop JUST opened up, and wants to be of the same echelon of the fancy restaurant...they can't just try to charge $85 a steak on opening night. They would shut down the same weekend.

    That being said, how does one get to the point where they are able to convince the customers that not only should THEY buy the steak for $85 a pop, but that all their friends and family should come in and do the same, IMMEDIATELY.

    Really interested to hear your response... Really trying to grow.

    Apex Crown Productions

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    I don't know how people can sell their beats for so cheap. I mean yeah I value my least favorite tracks at a lower price. But you never know someone could really love that track! And be willing to pay out the wahzoo for it. Its happened to me. So to each their own i guess.

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    i don't want any... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by therockitscientist View Post
    People, why are we focusing on a beat that has been sold whether they are exclusive or non-exclusive. If you sold it, that $hit is history.

    If someone else wants it, and you let them know it was leased (you are telling people you already leased it right?) and they want it, good for them, pay me, here-.

    But you are suppose to be making the next beat to better than the previous ones you already done. If you are a beat a month, make all your beats exclusive if you want. If you are beat machines, least a few sell a few do what you want.

    It's all about being a business man, do what's right for you and your customer, be flexible to their needs but make sure your needs are met also.

    If an artist is "broke" you can let him dig through your stock pile of leased beats until he's able to make some money but don't just deal with broke a$$ ninjas (or who pretends to be) they will pay for Jordans but won't pay for a beat. I bet this same "Broke" person had PS2 PS3 and Xbox 360 in there crib.

    And besides if they are rockin' their Great-grand uncles hand me down sneakers and they are talented, work with them, don't just sale beats and run, you have so much freedom when it comes to selling your product why don't you utilize them.

    Stop selling beats and run, off to the next thing, you run yourself thin, draft up contracts to the situation, get a damn lawyer and don't say you can't afford one. Could you afford that sidekick when you brought one?

    There are purposes for non-exclusive, exclusive, and work for hire; use them accordingly. Like there is purpose for buying property, leasing property, and renting there are purposes for leasing, exclusivity, and work for hire.
    Well said!

    ---------- Post added at 06:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:40 PM ----------

    Ok! so I could tell from the forum there are mostly music producers in here so that means we are all business men in some way or another! right??

    When it comes to leasing and selling exclusively develop your own style. If you prefer leasing then lease, if you prefer selling exclusively then sell exclusively. As for me, I want the best of both worlds so I have two separate libraries... One for what I'm gonna lease and the other for exclusive purposes only. Try it!

    Some rappers don't mind hopping on another beat. Look on youtube or the web and there's a remix for almost every hit song you ever heard! Some rappers can't afford exclusive beats, some are not as serious and some just wants a lil something they could rap to or put on their mixtape without getting sued (these people may want a lease). Other rappers are serious, interested in getting "big" and wants a beat for a song they can call their own (these can be your exclusive buyers). So on the short note, think broad and plan your strategies accordingly. Also, be fair when you plan them.

    -DAH Trump (Music Producer)
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    I believe that where there's money to be made make it. All of the "label" deals that I've ever gotten were the result of a bigger artist hearing an artist that couldn't afford the beat on the beat. Yes it gets a little more complicated to assign rights to something that's in the hands of another artist but it happens all the time cuz artists all gravitate to what's hot....sometimes the bigger artist doesn't care cuz "no one" has heard the smaller artist, and more imporantly the smaller artist would not be able to do any type of record deal with the track cuz rights have been assigned....I try to keep 2 libraries of beats for sale.... One exclusive and one non-exclusive...I also use these same beats for music libraries and publishing in the same way....but some crazy things happen... and you can't stop people from falling in love with what they hear. I think the most important thing is to make a lot of beats and get them out there whether you're dealing with major artists, indie artists, whoever...... I apply a reggae riddim perspective to everything. hip hop, pop, rock,reggae. I have a music catalog that includes multiple songs on different riddms...depending on what a music supervisor asks for I got it?? no harm no foul..At the end of the day it's all about budget... and you gotta give people what they want!
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    High Quality Beats Fromm Hip Hop To Pop

    Need beats... Head over to Fell free to contact me anytime for exclusive rights. Genre of music i produce range from hip hop, r&b to pop.

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    Alot of artist don't want to spend $ on exclusives so they lease..typical rappers

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    true post man

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