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Thread: I'm Unknown, Made a hit, now what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWonderful View Post
    Use it for promotion if it's that good cuh.
    Yaaa i will do that
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    Throw tags in it so it cant be stolen when you put it online and showcase it on something like soundclick/soundcloud, then start searching for artists you feel could complement it. Don't expect to get Nas on your first banger, especially if you haven't made any kind of name yet. Look for artists on social media sites that are making moves but havent made it yet, they're your best bet at this point.

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    This is how I'm going to do it,

    Once you know you got a banger look for a superstar in your hood/city. Someone with more ambition than you have, potentially someone with a lil local buzz. Sit with this guy and make sure to do your beat justice and finish the record. Make it radio friendly, and completely master it . Get another local hood nigga to shoot a video for this track.(It dont cost much to create a video nowadays) (go to your local community college/ put a ad on craigslist, these guys are a dime a dozen) .Create a youtube account and upload it.

    If you've done your job right the a&r's will come flockin, there's no such thing as denying good music. If it didnt pop off, you were wrong in assuming this shit was hot.

    It dont matter if the rapper gets all the shine, the old heads at the record labels will come looking for you. (make sure you have a tag for your records and place the tag somewhere in the beginning,)

    This is a much better plan then sucking ar dicks and trying to get name brand rappers to rap on a no name producers beat. You have to be found to get shit popping, and fact is noone is looking for you.

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    most of the rappers in my immediate area suck so im dippin out on this lil town soon lol. **** the internet im tryna work in person
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    beggars can't be choosers. you can either send it out to tons of a&rs and you might get lucky and one of them pick it up and send it to a major artist. Or you can send it to another up-and-comer and possibly build a relationship. who knows that up and comer could be the next big thing. Or you can just upload it on youtube and garner tons of views if the beat is really as good as you say it is.

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