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Thread: Finding People to Purchase/Use Your Beats

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    Finding People to Purchase/Use Your Beats

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    Are there any tricks to the trade? What's an effective way to find rappers to buy or simply use your beats? Do you have to seek them out yourself? Or is there a way to attract them towards you?

    I'm talking serious artists who would be willing to spend some money as well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are no tricks... There are artist who make money and those that don't. Go after the ones that make a living from their music. If you're music is up to there standards they'll buy

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    Put your music on your Ipod, phone, mp 3 whatever and listen to it when you go places. put it on cd's to play in the car. advertise yourself constantly pretty much.

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    Yup there are no tricks as someone above me just said... Network as much as possible and keep the communication line between the people you network with, open. It's all trial and error with a bit of luck my friend.
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    Artists are like the producers. If any artist can get free beats from thousands of others, why buy them from you?

    The same way, we sample and make beats for free without paying royalties and hoping someone will buy our beats.

    You'll have to build a fanbase for your music before you start selling it. Start free.
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    Just place yourself in the ears of the artists. You do that by being relevant and constantly networking and putting out good work. Be known for delivering quality and they will come to you.
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    Network and expose yourself as much as possible. I say you should do both seek/filter serious artist to work with and attract them to you. There is plenty of ways to find artist. Your local city, sites like Reverbnation, SoundClick, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist etc.. If you want to attract artist and even create bigger opportunities for yourself market yourself online. Not going to go to deep, but just offer more value (hot tracks,etc...) and show people what you can do for them versus what they can do for you and you will attract plenty of customers. Hope that helps!

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    Stamp your name in as many places as you can. Brand your music and your name. You can even go old school and get stickers of your logo and site or something and tag them on stop signs and anything you can all across your city or anywhere you go.

    The more people see your logo and stuff they'll get really curious and check you out. It's a numbers/follow the leader thing.

    Put your logo in popular places and BAM!!!! you can probably get some pretty good leads.

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    Would you guys advise giving out free beats? or should you just try to sell them straight up.

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