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Thread: Etiquette for Sending Music

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    Quote Originally Posted by F00T View Post
    Good idea! I cringe at the amount of 8 bar projects I have, or the fully sequenced but uninspired projects.
    Glad i joined this site.. I dont feel so alone now lol

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    wait a min there's proper etiquette? (jk)
    Last edited by TeddyB2011; 03-16-2011 at 11:45 AM.

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    I believe that we are all guilty of #3 lol

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    Glad I found this site already and not in 2 years!
    I just sold my first 2 beats and I was guilty of number 3 (OF COURSE)
    and number 5

    oh yeah and thnaks for the tip with the headroom!but see on the other side from producers perspective, you have to make it loud in order to keep up with the competition you know? if you would skip through a bunch of beats and they're all the same volume and then you would stumble over a beat which has a lower volume you would already think there's a lack in qualitiy since that particular beat doesn't fit the standards you know?
    SO I guess you have to be LOUD in public, but if you send the beat to an artist you have to leave them some headroom!

    ANYWAYS thanks for this thread! who knows how long I would've kept on going with making the same mistakes over and over AGAIN

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    Good Info. Im gonna start labeling my tracks with my name and number

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    Good Advice

    I always try to give short one sentence descriptions of the style of the beat, possibly which artists it could work for BUT NEVER COMPARE IT TO ANOTHER SONG OR ANOTHER PRODUCERS STYLE
    likes this.
    O'Boy Production Team

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    Much of this is common sense, but we can all still learn from it. Thanks!

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    Haha so I'm guessing I shouldn't include my two paragraph mission statement in emails?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillReick View Post
    Haha so I'm guessing I shouldn't include my two paragraph mission statement in emails?
    just shorten it down a or two lines.. short phrases....not sentences maybe... I think a mission statement is my situation for sure as I will only be selling to christian acts...
    they can read my bio on myspace which I need to add lol

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