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Thread: Fatten the mix

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    Fatten the mix

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    Hey RJ!
    Crazy to see you here, you where one of the main reasons I got into electronic music production!

    My question to you:
    My partner and I just got a great deal with a manager and he told us we are almost there. The one thing he pointed out, that he felt was lacking, was that our instrumentals (we will produce beats for other artists) was sounding a bit too digital.

    We use Logic and only software-synths, and will probably not buy any analog synths. You probably get a lot of your fat sounds from using acoustic/electronic samples and your own recordings but was wondering if you had any favourit plug-in or maybe a distortion pedal or an old amplifier you use?

    Any other tips and tricks to thicken your mix would also be much appreciated!

    Big respect from Norway!!
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    1st off, congrats! awesome. ok, advice:

    i unfortunately dont have much to offer, as you have given this caveat: "will probably not buy any analog synths". not that SYNTHS are the key, but IME the only reliable way to improve the sound of something is at the SOURCE. it is very hard to "save" a weak beat/tone/etc in the mix. its hit and miss. but i also am not a plugin genius. id ask over at gearslutz maybe, there are alot of computer ppl around who would know better than me.

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    just fatten the sounds seperately tracking them out one sound at a time. then use a chorus but very subtle

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