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Thread: Name change question (Please help!!)

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    Name change question (Please help!!)

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    Ok, so after A LOT of deliberation, I decided to change my name to a more mature, marketable sounding name. I found a name I am completely happy with, the only problem is, the name is a nickname of a wrestler (from the WWE or whatever lol). But, I also realized that Lex Luger has the same name as the wrestler Lex Luger. I checked both names (the one I came up with and Lex Lugers's) and they are both TM'd by the WWE.

    My question is, can I legally change my "producer" name to the wrestlers nickname, just like Lex Luger has the same name as Lex Luger?

    Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Im no lawyer but from the research I have done it seems like you can have the same name as long as it's spelled different and you don't claim any relation to the other company using the name. (ie: don't use his name for free publicity for yourself).

    I could be wrong but that's how I interrupt what I have read!

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