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Thread: Leasing Beats

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    Leasing Beats

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    What's goin on, I've been makin beats for some years know but have never gotten into selling or leasing them. Never got to it, too damn lazy haha, usually just playin live and for people until now. I've got some interest and don't know much about how to go about this. I know there's a difference between exclusives and rentals. I would just hat to sell a beat for 200 bucks and not get to do anything with it ever again. Also if I leased one are royalties involved, what if somethin pops off hahah. Any advice from those who know or have been in my shoes before would be great!🍻

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    SFTRAXX is the don of leasing but ya, exclusives are for only person. After they buy it exclusively, nobody else can lease it. A regular lease though can be leased out to anybody who pays the smaller fee to lease. Obviously, exclusives will cost more. for the royalties after leasing, you'll have to design a contract for that with your customers. dunno really about that
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