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Thread: How to sell your music effectivly on social networking sites.

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    How to sell your music effectivly on social networking sites.

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    Have you made many sales selling your music online yet? If so, then great, but this information could still help you! If you are struggling, then it is essential you read and understand this thread.

    Marketing yourself as a producer or artist is a lot like marketing a company, in fact it's pretty must the same thing, except as a producer or artist you have an advantage, you are selling yourself. Now who knows you better than yourself? This means you can really build great relationships with customers and continue these relationships because you create a certain bond with them that you just can't get with companies.

    Creating relationships with your customers is really important, because statistics show it's about 40% easier and cheaper to sell to a current customer than it is so go and find new customers. Now I cannot stress how important this point is.

    So, how do you build relationships with your customers? Well it's important that when contacting new customers, it's not necessary to start selling them something straight away. Offer them something for free, or start a general chat, make them see you as a person rather than an advertising machine.

    A great way to do this is on social networks like MySpace, SoundClick, Facebook etc. When approaching people on these sites, don't do what I see a lot of other producers doing by spamming people's inboxes with BUY MY MUSIC OR BUY MY BEATS, because it's just not that effective. Start by complimenting their music, find out more about them, create a relationship with them. Once you have created this relationship with them, they will trust you more, and when you decide to offer them your products or services, they are much more likely to to buy from you because they feel they know you. This can be very time consuming I know, but when done correctly you will really start to see the difference it makes.

    Once you put this into action, you will start to see the effect building relationships makes to your sales.

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    All great points. Also, create a mailing list through opt-ins on your site (several services available for free or cheap..mailchimp, etc). Through that marketing channel, offer members free beats, loops & samples, etc. But don't spam & keep the subject line very descriptive!
    Also, I strongly suggest video marketing. Upload beats, tutorials, & advice in video format. I have found that 80% of my site traffic & 65% of sales comes through video. Which brings me to my next point, track analytics! Know who is coming to your site, and which channel or platform they are coming from. That way, you can target those areas that bring the heaviest traffic!

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