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Thread: How to Network for Music Success Part 1 By The Maniac Agenda {X__^}

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    Networking Your Way To Music Success Part 1
    By Antonio “S.A.T.” Gonzalez of The Maniac Agenda

    “Did you know you are on average only Six degrees of separation from any person on the Planet?”

    Hello Maniacs,

    Welcome to my Future Producer post! This is Antonio "SAT" from the Blog – The Raw uncut no holds bars realest guide to making a career out of music. Every Monday, I touch on the topics you want to learn about based off real life experiences, successes, failures, and even call in special guest professionals to tell it how it is.

    This 1st post of a four part series on the mysterious dark art of NETWORKING (you can find the full version with all four parts here at The Maniac Agenda's Official Website - Home) - Everyone does it just some don’t understand they are or how to make the most of it.

    What I’m going to tell you will surprise many of you. Much of this is based on sociology and psychology theories applied to this topic backed by my experience applying them.

    Everyone knows that those who network are more likely to find success. The reason is they have the social power in their network to solve their problems and the problems of others.

    If you knew someone that could always fix most problems wouldn’t you want them in you life? That is what you want to be for your social network.

    In this Full article you will learn how to:

    1. Use the power of SOCIAL OBJECTS
    2. Find people that can help your career
    3. Social Value and Context
    4. Maintain and use it

    This is part 1 and covers how to Use the power of SOCIAL OBJECTS

    As an Artist, Producer, or DJ networking is your lifeline. Many artists spend their whole time creating awesome music then just wait in hopes for someone to come along that is going to make them a star…

    FALSE! Hollywood, American Idol, and other factors trick people into thinking that is how you make it. They want you to believe it is 100% your talent that will make you famous. That is essentially turning people that follow that belief into the turtle chasing the carrot on the string. If you want music to be your career you need to be proactive about it now and NETWORK!
    Deep down inside humans are social creatures. However, insecurities, low self-esteem, “I don’t know want to say” syndrome, and more plaque us to miss opportunities every day.

    L Train example: You are visiting NYC and you see this dead gorgeous girl sit across from you on the L Train:

    You would love to ask her for her number, go out on a date, or get to know her, and you don’t even know this fact yet, but she also happens to be Nero’s U.S. Tour Manager.

    You get so caught up in what you would say will be wrong, that she may not like you, or the people on the train are going to laugh at you that you let the opportunity pass. Sure the chance for a date would nice, but even more important the chance to be opening for NERO when they come to town is priceless. We all can be shy at times, but you have to bite the bullet so here are some tips to make things easier.

    Use the power of SOCIAL OBJECTS
    One of my friends works for the C.I.A and he told me something he learned from training that really holds true: “Every time someone communicates with you they want something – it’s your job to find out what that is.”

    A girl may say I like your hat, but really means I think he is cute and want to see how he reacts cause I may want to get to know him better

    Someone asks me “How you get so many fans?” They want to know how to do it as well so they can become a super star

    You say “Check my music” in hopes to gain a new fan

    The point I’m trying to make is every time someone communicates with you they are looking for a certain out come not matter how obvious or not it maybe. If you can discover what it is or have them realize they want something else that you have control of your networking will be much more effective.

    First we need to get you over your fear of “What to say”

    Here are some tips to make networking easier…

    1. People LOVE talking about themselves - when networking don’t make the conversation be about you at first unless they talk to you first (see how to do that below). Look for a SOCIAL OBJECT that makes the person unique. Maybe they have a really cool camera or a piece of jewelry or something that you find interesting that you have a wealth of knowledge about.

    Since I used to collect stones I could say something like this regarding the social object of jewelry:

    “Hello I couldn’t help but notice that necklace is it made of rose quartz. While touring Germany I took a trip to a rose court cave where they told me each one is different and has a story - Does yours have a special story?

    Here is what I did here in this – 1st I made observation and used the necklace as my reason for communicating- 2nd I gave a clue to an interesting fact about myself and that I travel which raises my SOCIAL VALUE and builds INTRIGUE. (Note: intrigue is one of your most powerful weapons in your networking arsenal)

    3rd – I bring the conversation back to the person so they can give me clues on how to build more rapport (rapport meaning level of trust) and further our conversation

    HINT: if a person asks you what your name is (without you asking first) this is a sign the person is interested to a certain level in what you are saying

    Bottomline: Have fun with it be sincere and really want to find out about the person. Once you feel you have built enough rapport then segway the conversation into your music. Best if you can relate your music to the current conversation.

    “My mom has a rose quartz ring that I wrote a song about it goes something like this etc………”

    2. Be Memorable

    1. Your attire – You have heard the term dress to impress. I would like to give you a new term “Peacocking.” The species of birds known as peacocks spread their feathers to attract the attention of potential mates to communicate they are ready to mate. You want your attire to get attention turning you into a SOCIAL OBJECT so people approach you! You want something that grabs attention yet still makes you approachable:

    For example, Early on in our music career, my brother and I were going through some hard times and short on rent. We decided we were going to sell our music CDs in streets to random people to raise funds.

    My hair at that time was dyed bright blonde, but to add effect I put on 8 inch black velvet uni-sex platform shoes. Not only did they look crazy, but made me REALLY tall to stand out.

    I was approached many times through out the day cause of my shoes. It helped me make about $300 in 1 week enough to make our rent, gain new fans, and even got us added to a radio station.

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to talk to NERO’s sexy manager on the train if she said “Hey I really like those shoes where you find those?”

    WARNING: Peacocking does attract attention so you can’t be shy and submissive or peacocking can have a negative effect. Display confidence, be playful, and use it as opportunity to network.

    But you are saying I understand this, but I’m way too scared to talk to people still…

    First try making it a point to talk to someone new every day. Start by just saying hello and then working your way up. Just make sure you do it everyday both outside in real life and on the internet. Practice makes perfect. Next……

    3. Social Lubricants

    Now by no means am I advocating the use of illegal activity and shouldn’t be used as a long term crutch or depended on to network – however I know for a fact that sometimes people need to get rid of a little edge preventing them from taking advantage of a networking opportunity and can’t get over their social barrier.

    This is a temporary short term fix, but Alcohol, Marijuana, and others not only act as a social object (Hey do you smoke? Come join the rotation with us?), but help remove anxiety. Do not go overboard and don’t make it obvious in certain situations.

    This works well in party atmospheres – Not business. It is better to apply these techniques sober – save money and doesn’t come with health and law risks.

    4. Making Your Music The Social Object - When people ask the age old question: “What does your music sound like?” What do you say?

    The majority of artist’s say something like this “Everything, It has a little of everything” in hopes since they don’t what know what the person is asking likes this response will peak interest because it includes everything. FALSE - the “everything” answer does the opposite. Your response should achieve these goals:

    1. niche your music
    2. exclude people to build value
    3. peak curiosity.


    When people ask me what The Maniac Agenda sounds like I’ll say something like this

    “My music is the bastard child of 10,000 robots from planet Tatooine having a Raw passionate orgy backstage at Coachella after they kicked Jack Johnson and his fans out the room for being too prude”

    People will look at me laugh then ask “Now what does that sound like?” I reply - “You want to hear?” then I show them - BAM! Your music is now the social object.

    Oh but you really want to experience that robot orgy?

    Warning Don’t click the link if you are a producer under the age of 25 or have a weak heart =

    The Maniac Agenda's Official Website - Home


    Bottomline is finding something that you can do that attracts attention, has a sense of mystery, and makes it easier for people to talk to you so you don’t have to “think” of anything. Once you master becoming a social object people will start to interact so much you’ll learn what to say to get the results you want. Now find your SOCIAL OBJECT.

    Here are more examples of ours:

    My band member Leonardo has a set of tuning forks used for sound healing he brings out to festivals and events and starts giving sound healing treatments this peaks interests of why the F^&K is that rock dude waving those vibrating forks around people’s head. It builds a crowd and now he can talk to any of them

    For me, since I produced hiphop for so long I learned to freestyle rap. This works for me because it is interesting to see a “Electronic Rock” guy start rapping at a quality level. Now to connect with people, I’ll rap positively about them and things in the room. (I’m working on a solo glitch-hop album you got beats? Send me links to them for consideration to

    My brother Dennis “Ramen” is a dancing machine and great at getting a dance circle formed plus he knows much about internet Memes and goofy knowledge that makes him a social animal, but it usually takes a small amount a liquor to get him going.

    Now that you understand social objects and how to use them now it is time to

    Find people that can help your career

    Here are the links to download all the Parts:

    Use the power of SOCIAL OBJECTS Part 1

    Find people that can help your career Part 2

    Social Value and Context Part 3

    Maintain and use it Part 4

    Your feedback is always welcomed and encouraged feel free to send your comments, questions, or feedback to our wall on facebook or in this forum below

    Facebook: The Maniac Agenda | Facebook

    About the Author:
    Antonio “S.A.T.” Gonzalez graduated from Rowan University with a B.A. in Public
    Relations. He is currently the manager and co-owner of Record label.
    He is a professional record producer and member of The Maniac Agenda

    1. Peaked #50 on Itunes Electronic sales Charts with Louder Than Words (Maniac All-
    Stars Remix) of Celldweller
    2. Releases on EMI UK, Red Bull Records, FIXT Records, and Concord Music Group
    3. Performances at Camp Bisco 8, The Big Up, and Rock The Resort Music Festivals
    alongside: Pretty Lights, STS9, KJ Sawka (of Pendulum), The Disco Biscuits, Kill The
    Noise & more. Currently joining Rusko for part of his U.S. tour
    4. Crowned the "Next great producer" by VH1 on "The Score"
    5. Graced the Top 3 on Reverbnation's National Hottest Electronic Chart
    6. Currently ranked 4th in the Philadelphia Electronic genre on Reverbnation.
    7. Winner of 12 remix contests
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