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Thread: How Much Do Music Producers Earn?

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    How Much Do Music Producers Earn?

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    Yoo !

    I've been searching on the net, and people keep saying millions .. refering to the likes or Dr.Dre/Scott Storch/Timbaland.

    But i wanna kno a rough figure a normal producer makes .. something more realistic.

    So more along the lines of .. Lex Luger / AraabMuzik / Cool N Dre / StreetRunner / Just Blaze / Da Heatmakerz.

    How much are them dudes earning?

    Cuz getting to there level is alot more realistic then being the next Dr. Dre

    Thanks !

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    i think u make as much as u want as a producer u go hard get u a name out there then the sky is the limited

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    No set bracket. Some producers have a few months on top, others have a few years, some do music their entire life. Some only work with celebs who pay thousands per song, others work daily with regular people between work with big artists.

    Some get endorsements, pub, and production deals(that can make you more or hinder your salary)others do everything freelance, some have management and teams they have to pay, others keep every penny. Some have to clear samples, some have to pay keyboardists. Some still work regular jobs while pocketing whatever they make from music on the side.

    Too many variables. But from what I read on FP, alot less than alot of you guys expect to make. I'm not bragging when i say i live alot better than alot of producers of big records you guys have heard. Cause I'm not rich at all. It's just the difference between steady B.S. work over years or a few halfway known songs.

    Think of it like this. Most are getting $5-35k a beat plus 2-6 cent off every album sold after 50-100k units. Even the bigger name ones talking like they make $100k or more a beat are usually lying or talking about one incident in a blue moon. There are always opportunities to make millions in this biz, but most go to the same guys who made them in the past, lol.

    There are exceptions if something turns into a huge hit, but even a decent single isn't pulling in much. Over a lifetime, average 'career producer" isn't making much compared to even a garbage man or school teacher(once you consider 401k).

    It just looks better cause you get it in lump songs over a few years time. I've never seen a school teacher walking around with $15k in thier pocket, but they make $35-40k annually for their entire life.

    Better than making $70-300k for 1-4 years before you fall off. Folk like Dr. Dre and Timbaland are rare, look at the millions of producers who have came and went in comparison to the few with longevity.

    I'm pretty sure Apex made more being a UPS driver than he made off "I get Money", just not all at once. That's not to say if you can continue to make that quick money you won't be rich as hell, it's to say most don't continue to.

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