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Thread: Evolving Marketing techniques ....

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    Sup bro would appreciate it if you could send it to me in an fp pm thanks

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    Having a good email list is powerful, but far from evolving or new. People have been using it heavy for over 10 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidsherlock View Post
    hey guys ......

    I am new to FP but i am in this IM stuff for a while now and each day you learn a new thing in it .....

    I just wanted to share another area of marketing which is not explored i think or atleast not discussed here and i think it can prove to be very helpful ..... it is SOLO AD campaigns .....

    What is actually SOLO AD campaign ? ..... basically its an email marketing technique but its highly targeted and if you create a nice email list then you can get upto 80 % conversion rate ..... i am also learning about it everyday as its relatively new for me but i found a nice free ebook on it and i thought i may also share it with you guys .... (i wanted to share these but i can not attach any pdf file )

    I will try to find some good youtube videos and try to share these with you guys ..... Once you have a powerful email list then the rest is just sit back and enjoy the sales ......

    Please tell me what you think about it and also share your own experience if anyone of you have tried this before
    Also if you want to start on it .... lets make this forum a learning curve and try help each other out .....

    hi Daivd,

    thanks for the info here I'd also be interested in that ebook if you don't mind.

    Email: messybeatz [at] gmail [dot] com

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidsherlock View Post
    Thanks for showing interest .... the free Ebook is sent to your email .... im also a free SEO and list building course ... if you want you can join us ...
    thanks bruh. appreciate it

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