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Thread: Don't understand how to receive my royalties?

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    Don't understand how to receive my royalties?

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    I'm new to producing so i don't quite understand what may be a simple question. I have co produced a song which has recently been released and is doing big numbers. I obviously want to receive my royalites from this. I'm with PRS and Tunecore for my publishing. But I can't just register the songs because i dont know any of the info that i have to enter (such as my percentage, writers, etc etc). I have no contacts with the artist or managers. The other producer i worked with got it placed so he is my only contact but he isn't helpful. What am i suppose to do?

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    Oy. To be blunt, you are supposed to take care of business ahead of time, and not be so trusting without a contract. Remember what Homer said-- "He's about to learn the most important lesson in the music business-- Never trust people in the music business."

    That said, PM me and we can discuss particulars and see if there is any way out of this...

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