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    Hello guys,this is my first interaction with this forum,and I want to show you our opinion about future producer and some advice :

    Need some tips for becoming a successful music producer? While we can’t guarantee that you’ll become a 10-time Grammy Award Winner or get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it won’t hurt to take notes.
    As I wrap up my experience as a producer, here are some tips I’d like to pass along to future producers. Firstly, it’s not as intimidating as it may seem, come in with an open mind.
    Try and enjoy yourself and embrace the learning experience. Obviously, it is a huge time commitment each and every week, so make sure you put yourself in the best possible position to walk away feeling rewarded at the end of each shift.
    I also suggest that you trust yourself and the music you’re creating: “No one can tell you whether you’re a good producer or a bad producer, you just go with what you hear, and how you want things played.”
    Another tip for future music producers is to listen to different genres of music.
    “It’s about being musical, not just operating in one particular lane,” he explains.
    Using Kanye West as an example he says, “He really knows all sorts of music, very deeply… it allows him to do so many things, and to work with so many different artists because he can come from so many different places.”
    1. Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

    Keep in mind this is not the real world and you can’t be fired for making a mistake.
    I know it may feel like it sometimes and you should treat it like it is a real job, but also keep in mind that you are still a student and this is a learning environment where it is okay if things do not go 100% perfect every single week.
    One of the biggest pieces of advice I have is to mix up your newscast and try and make it as interesting and dynamic as possible by taking a few risks. For example, bring in a live guest and add a Q&A segment on the couch. Use more jib camera shots. Toss to a reporter lives in the field. Put one of your anchors at the monitor. Switch around your teases. is a great place to learn and grow and you shouldn’t be scared to try new things and be innovative with your shows.
    2. Make Sure You Have Snacks & Water

    It is not realistic that you will be able to leave to get lunch during your producing shift.
    Each producer has a million things to do and keep track of, and those tasks become even tougher to manage if you are not well hydrated or if you’re hungry.
    Come prepared and bring lunch, snacks, and water, Gatorade, coffee, or whatever else you think you’ll need throughout the day.
    Some days you barely have time to take a quick bathroom break. Regardless, try and make a little time for yourself and take care of your needs as well. There are also a lot of germs that can be passed around, so I’d recommend bringing some hand sanitizer so you can try and avoid whatever flu or cold is going around.
    3. Prepare in Advance When Possible

    With such a big time commitment on your day-of-air producing shift, it can make it difficult to do much preparation in advance, but it will really help you out and alleviate a lot of stress if you come in every morning feeling prepared and have a strong grip on the stories you want to cover and how exactly you plan to do so.
    Keep up with the local, national and international news on a regular basis, not just the night before your shift. It will help you stay in the loop and be an informed producer.
    Also, try and arrange interviews ahead of time when possible, or at least start the process of reaching out to potential sources before you arrive in your studio
    4. Be Organized

    When you are working as a producer it can be overwhelming at times because you have so many things to manage at once.
    I recommend keeping a to-do list or some sort of checklist to make sure you have a strong grip on what you still need to do and which reporter/MJ/assignment editor/web producer is working on which aspect of the newscast.
    This will really help you when things get hectic. I use a to-do list every week, no matter which producing role I am in and it’s a big help throughout the day.
    5. Communicate and Enjoy Yourself

    I know there are a lot of things to worry about and stay on top of during your producing shift, but try and make time to communicate with your other producers and have some fun along the way!
    Also, get to know your MJs and reporters and when possible try and develop some personal rapport with them. People can work much better together when you like each other and feel comfortable around each other.
    Embrace your experiences and make some friends along the way!
    6. My final advice is to get ready to work hard and get pushed.

    Production shifts demand a plethora of thought and energy and you may be surprised at how rewarding it feels to put together a great newscast.
    Therefore, the final piece of advice I’ll leave you with is to build camaraderie.

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    I auditioned for one .. it didn't go well :\

    lwj - local space music

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