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Thread: Mastering your track for $1

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    Mastering your track for $1

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    Thanks for watching, I'm aiming to professional sound enginner. Whoever wants to make your track louder and clearer, let me do them!
    You know, a common online mastering service cost about $4 per 1 track, but in here, I'll do that for only $1. But make sure that if the original mix sounds not good, there's little effect even after mastering.

    How to order :
    1. Upload your song (mp3 or wav file) to somewhere, and paste the link in my private message on soundcloud (I'm sorry this is my first post, so I can't paste my soundcloud profile link, so search as "make your track sound professional" in soundcloud and the green lime icon is me).
    2.After I received it, I'll work on mastering. When I finished, I'll show you the preview of the track. If you satisfied with it, you can buy it for $1. If you not satisfied, or have some request, I'll remaster it till you satisfied.
    3.About the sell, we use "gumroad", which is famous for online product selling service. You can pay with paypal or credit card. As a rule, you can order 20 tracks utmost at once. Looking forward to hearing from you
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