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Thread: Indonesian Gamelan Remix Opportunities

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    Indonesian Gamelan Remix Opportunities

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    Hi Future Producers,

    Our gamelan oriented record label based in Bali, Indonesia is putting together a remix project. We've released 5 volumes of new gamelan music composed by young and upcoming artists and are inviting producers to remix the tracks. There are 46 in total. If you're interested drop me a line at jonathan at and introduce yourself. I'll send you an invitation and access to all 46 tracks.

    We're open to all styles and directions. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay for these remixes but you will have permission to release the track via your own channels. We'll also be writing an article about the project in our newly launched magazine.

    Check us out with a quick google search: Insitu Recordings. Future Producers won't allow us to include a link, because we're too new. We also have a YouTube channel. All 46 tracks were recorded in video as well. Some are available on YouTube.

    Thanks for taking a look!

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