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I started out writing poems when I was young. When I was 13 I started writing my poems to beats that I found on the internet. I recorded my first song when I was 14, and have been writing/recording ever since. When I was 16 I clicked up with a couple artist's out here that were making music, and came together to be the group "Gamed Up". We did a few shows from Stockton to Modesto, and finished one mixtape. That was cool for a couple years, but after a while our minds were heading in different directions and It seemed that solo was the only way for me to go. So I went out and bought my own microphone, editing software, and PC. I have been doing my own thing putting my people on since. When I was 18-19 I decided that I wanted to be the whole package, I didn't want one piece of my music to depend on anyone but me. So I knew that I could not just write, record, edit. I now wanted to go deeper, and start creating my own beats. Since then I have been striving to learn everything I can about Producing and I really feel this is where I belong. I am a Hip-Hop Artist/ Music Producer from Stockton California, and my name is Pro 2 (AKA Duece).
Stockton, California
Producing beats, Writing,
Music Producer / Rap/Hip-hop Artist




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