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Thread: Need more subtopics...

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    Need more subtopics...

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    In software for example. Way too generic. The world of music software has expanded 1000 fold. What about VST Plugins? What about bass harmonics? FL Studio? And where do posts like this even go? Where is your suggestions topics? Rants? Who is running the ship? Mano1? Can you like just wave your magic mouse and add new topic headings? Who are the moderators? I just see room for improvements all over. And I'm not a forum expert or anything of the sort. This forum just has a bad vibe to it, like a bad neighborhood or something... Not sure. "About"? What kinda sub topic IS that exactly?....
    We need a major overhaul. And I've only been here a few hours.
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    I♥♫♪♫♫♪♪♫, Studio One 2 (YAY PreSonus!) & FL Studio (As a "re-wire")

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    I'm sure I've seen you before. Who's Mano1? Never heard of them.

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    The sub-forums are fine. If people would be more specific in their thread titles it would eliminate much of the confusion.

    You must have missed all the liquor stores and pawn shops leading up to It's ok, like Dave Chapelle said nobody likes going to the ghetto without warning to prepare themselves...

    "Hey baby!! Stop makin beats you got your whole life ahead of you..."

    "**** you ******, I got kids to feed (all feedback returned)!!"
    Yeah, **** you too...

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    Wow I'm back three years to the day almost and wow the forums are MUCH BETTER! Woo HOO! I am glad to be back also. More time to read stuff and years wiser...
    I♥♫♪♫♫♪♪♫, Studio One 2 (YAY PreSonus!) & FL Studio (As a "re-wire")

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