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Thread: Too Many Lurkers - Easy Solution

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    Cool Too Many Lurkers - Easy Solution

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    Often when I post a thread, or when I see a thread, there are over 100's of views, but not a single response. I assume this is because there are so many people on here that aren't members. I feel that a membership to the forum should be mandatory to view certain topics, if not the whole forum. The only downfall to this would be detracting traffic from the site, but it is certainly me, as a member, when I see a reply or two on a thread that has been viewed over 300 timesAny feedback? Thanks.
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    While this is annoying, sometimes this isn't always a bad thing. Let's say you post a link to a video that you want people to see. While they may be on the board and not respond to the thread, you are most likely getting views on the video from them. So all in all, you are still gaining. I would just suggest continuing to post good content and the responses will come. Who knows, if you post something good enough/thought provoking enough, you may GET users to register just to respond.

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    advertising revenue for the owners of fp comes with every viewed thread.

    Not all viewers of a thread may have the specific answer to the question posed in the first post. Most are at least intelligent enough to realise that they should not post "I don't know" as a response.

    There is no other good solution to this "problem" - requiring folks to become a member simply for them to realise they don't know the answer will alienate rather than engage them
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