Got PM spam from a member "weaponman1" claiming that MusicMan101 partners with FP which I highly doubt... they're just trying to scam people by affiliating themselves with FP. I've reported the PM too.

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Hey bro,
im glad you could be a member of the fam!
I'm just letting people know us at MusicMan101, partners with FutureProducers, are now offering a program to build your music making skills into a career.
If you got some time, check out this SHORT clip from youtube explaining what I mean. It wont take up too much of your time.
** Link Removed **

oh yeah, the program includes 1.6 Gigs worth of high quality drum kits! So I'd appreciate your time to listen.
Don't buy their ebook it's full of affiliate links to buy other products and recommendations of their friends for graphics work etc.

I think it's probably the same guy that spammed with the other threads about it: