First off, hi fellow digital artists. I've finally found an internet community where I belong. Names Antonio, my artisan name is Gullah. Chose the name after my heritage. I live in NorCal & i'm a college student studying Business. 23 years old & i've been in love with composing music ever since I first heard rave music back in my early teenage years. I followed my path once I reached college and i've been composing ever since. MY BLOOD PUMPZ THRU MIDI!!!! I'm a fan of various artists & genre's, good music is good music & I do NOT discriminate. My style consists of DirtySouth/Gangsta instrumentals and Rap instrumentals with elements of Rock, Jazz, Trance, Drum N'Bass, Blues, etc. Making music is like a never-ending videogame for me & i'm a NERD to the fullest. I'll be on this site for a looooong...loooooong.....loooong time. Hope to meet some new & interesting minds off here and maybe do business or jam session with a few of you. Any comments or questions feel free to post a reply to this thread i'm always down to talk.

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